Vase Types That Every Flower Lover Should Own

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June 5, 2018


Vase Types That Every Flower Lover Should Own


Flowers resemble peace; they instill a certain sense of calmness, which is entirely good for our mental health and well being. In fact, several researchers have proven that a human’s cognitive performance works best when plants are introduced in the workplace. Moreover, if you are working hard to grow a flower for your room, you need a beautiful flower vase, too. Below are several types of vases that you can use to grow a flower in your room.


Flared Vase

Indeed, nothing is more attractive than a beautiful flower in a stunning vase. Flared vases are amongst the most commonly used flower holders. They are uniquely made to instill beauty. They have a narrow neck, a thinner base, and a flare protruding towards the neck.


Bud Vase

This type is commonly used due to its perfect holding capacities. It is specially designed to hold single stems or smaller plants. Bud vases can either be short or tall. Among their desired display plants include bountiful bunches such as lilies and hollyhock.


Narrow Neck Vase

They say old is gold. Well, narrow neck vase is the most commonly used classic vase. It has a wide base with a narrow neck that protrudes towards the neck. It is perfect for holding flowers with thin stems that fit directly through the neck regardless of their big corolla. Among the best narrow neck vases can hold are hydrangeas, crepe myrtle, and magnolias.


Cube Vase

Cube vases have a short but large surface area, which makes it different from other vases. It is best used to hold short stem flowers with a relatively smaller corolla such as roses and tulips.


Normally, many plants do not need vases to grow in, but when grown in beautiful vases, they instill the best look.


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